Fundamentals of #Ragebaking

  • You can bake alone or with folks, but whatever you make must be shared, preferably with strangers. Pass it out. Mail it. Throw a party.  Take it to the nearest shelter. Set up a #ragebaking stand. However, you do it, spread the love and make sure folks know what’s in it so you don’t kill anyone with food allergies.
  • Challenge yourself. Make something you’ve never made before. Perfect your old game.
    Always wanted to try to make a four layer cake or reverse engineer your grandmother’s biscuit recipe?  Wanna take your pie game to the next level? Do it!
  • Embrace the fail and celebrate it. Take just as many pictures when you f**k up as when you don’t. Remember that Martha Stewart has an entire company of folks helping her achieve that perfection.  There is a journey to greatness that you often don’t see.  Embracing the fail is embracing that journey and the beauty of putting it out there.  When you do that, you’ll find other folks are on it too.  You are never alone in the fail.
  • If you’re ragebaking with folks, everyone must bring something to contribute.
    Whether it be the recipe, baking pans,ingredients, music to ragebake to, hands to cleanup or love. Remember that not all contributions are the kind bought with money. Work together and work it out.  Take turns. It’s all hands in and hearts on.
  • Ragebake with purpose. Bake with intention.
    Whether it’s to chase the blues, have real talk and support folk, raise money for a cause or to have fun, think about what you’re doing. Set the theme and the tone and go in.
  • Be thoughtful, considerate and kind as f**k.
    If you don’t know how to do that, let the ragebake be your guide. It goes without saying that ragebaking is open to all- no racism,homophobia, transphobia,sizism, sexism or general hateful ridiculousness.  Don’t sh*t on the cake, ya’ll.  Don’t ruin what should be a good time for everyone.
  • Show us how you ragebake.
    Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #ragebaking when you post pictures or video of what you made,the folks you made it with or the reason why you made it.  Show us how you do.

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My friend from high school, Shalewa Mackall, shared your post on fb and it lit a fire under me. Love your idea and will “bake” it forward. ?❤️?

Thank you for speaking up and standing up! I’m with you all the way… Write a book, I’ll buy five. As a WOC from LA, now in Dallas, my baking and my mother’s baking and grandmother’s baking was for survival and an expression of fierceness and rage.

I thought I had a baking disorder. Turns out it’s the world that’s disordered, and baking is the treatment. Thank you for the reminder that we can use our anger to bring good into a world that desperately needs it.

I am sorry that your original ideas have allegedly been copted. May I suggest that you seek legal counsel.

Peace profound’

As I am in the UK I have only just heard of this and I’m intrigued and enthused. I also heard someone ripped off your concept, which is plain rude.
I’m going to do my best to let women know about your original concept and good luck to you and everyone participating.

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